RedMax Power Equipment Glossary


Cubic Centimeters - a standard measure of volume.


Cubic Feet per Minute - in the case of blowers, a measurement of the volume of air moved by the tool. Higher means more air.

chain brake

For chain saws, a safety feature which stops the chain in certain circumstances.


Something that joins or connects two things.

diaphragm carburetor

A type of carburetor designed not to rely upon gravity, allowing an engine to operate in any position - such as upside down.


The volume of fuel displaced by one stroke of a piston within the cylinder of an internal combustion engine - important as a gauge of the power of the engine although many factors affect the power and efficiency of the tool as a whole.

dry weight

Weight without fuel or other fluids.


Feet Per Second. A measurement of unidirectional speed.

purge pump

A device to remove excess air from the carburetor.


To move back and forth.

reduction ratio

A indication of a mechanical advantage. A higher number will result in greater torque.


Having projections on a shaft that fit into slots on a corresponding shaft, enabling both to rotate together.


A turning or twisting force.