1 lb Donut Maxline (Round) Trimmer Line

RedMax’s exclusive, professional-grade trimmer line is the best available and includes our high-performance round and Cable Twist™ lines. The RedMax heavy-duty round nylon line is designed for commercial use and made of specially formulated and custom-blended co-polymers. The high-tensile strength of our unique round lines makes them last up to 30% longer when compared to standard round lines. Our patented Cable Twist trimmer line provides less air resistance reducing drag and allowing the engine to reach top RPM more quickly. This increases operator comfort and reduces fuel consumption.

1 lb Donut Maxline (Round) Trimmer Line
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3 lb Donut Maxline (Round) Trimmer Line


Part NumberDescription
5782115021 lb / 280 ft - .095"
5782115031 lb. / 230 ft - .105"

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