RedMax EBZ6500

A lightweight backpack blower designed for commercial use. At 632 CFM and 232 MPH this machine has the air volume to move heavy debris and the speed to lift wet leaves and compacted sand. For added durability, the EBZ6500 is designed with a frame mounted throttle virtually eliminating downtime due to damaged cables. The Strato-Charged engine reduces fuel consumption by up to 20% while providing more torque over a wider RPM range.

Cylinder displacement: 
65.6 cc
Power output: 
3.81 hp
Air flow in pipe: 
632.13 cfm
Air speed: 
232.42 mph
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  • Strato-Charged® Engine

    Strato-Charged® engine is a pure 2-stroke engine without using a catalytic converter.


Engine specification

Cylinder displacement 65.6 cc
Power output 3.81 hp
Fuel tank volume 71.01 fl oz

Article data

Air flow in housing 889.93 cfm
Air flow in pipe 632.13 cfm
Air speed 232.42 mph

Overall dimensions

Weight 22.71 lbs

Part Numbers

Part NumberDescription
RedMax EBZ6500 4.9 5 11 11
RedMax EBZ6500 Blower Review---Hip Mounted Throttle Great blower. Almost as good as my EBZ6500RH. This is the 6500. Engine specification ________________ Max air speed: 232 MPH Average air volume (tube:) 636 CFM Displacement: 65.6cc Dry weight: 22.49 lbs Average power output: 4 HP Fuel tank volume: 71 oz Noise: 77 db(A) at 50ft BEST brand of blowers EVER made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May 4, 2014
Great POWER! My 13 year old Stihl BR 320 Backpack blower died. I went to purchase another one of them and the dealer kept saying the RedMex would be a better blower for just a little more money. I took home a brochures and compared features. I when back the next day and purchased the RedMax EBZ6500. Boy was the dealer correct! I used the blower the first time for clean-up following mowing. It did the job effortlessly. Then I only needed to blow my leafs 3 times (Verses 6) this fall because, the power was so much greater. I have also used the blower 2 times to blow the 1" snow fall off my Truck, Car, 3 Car Driveway, Sidewalks, Hot Tub, Patio & Front Porch. You talk about fast snow removal this blower did the job in less then 45 minutes (took 1 + hours with old blower). I wish I know about and purchased the RedMax EBZ6500 13 years ago! I probably would not be replacing it and I would have saved many hours of work. December 12, 2013
Worth the extra $$$ I have a tendency to research purchases almost to a fault. When I visited my local power equipment store I looked at every brand available for my budget. The salesman suggested Redmax. I had my heart set on a competing unit but the 4mix motor concerned me a bit. After paying close attention to the pros in my area, I noticed almost every team was using RedMax. This thing is great, made quick work of my 1 acre lot and had my neighbor green with envy. I cleared the yard of leaves and had it mowed as he stood out front with his electric blower taking baby steps. Its comfortable to wear and I really like the hip throttle. DO yourself a favor, pay the extra money. This will cut your work time dramatically all the while knowing you have a top quality product. Just look around. October 20, 2013
Overall rating I found this product to be quite good. However, it uses expensive fuel too quickly but it blows real well. It is heavy to carry on your back and difficult to manipulate, but after a few uses I'm getting better at it. October 15, 2013
Very impressed I picked up one of these used 9 months ago. The thing had definitely seen it's share of use and abuse by the previous owner which didn't bother me because I do not baby my tools. In fact, I am where tools go to die. In that time the blower has lived in the back of my work truck through a soggy Pacific NW winter (no canopy) and never taken in out of the weather. It's had other tools and materials heaped on it and in general torture tested to the extreme. After all that, it always starts on the 1st or 2nd pull. Not fussy about fuel either. Today a landscaper stopped in his tracks watching me use it and came and pestered me to give it a test drive as he'd never seen one. He was elated as he was tired of the failure rate of his Stihl units he's thrown money away on the last few years and all the down time and service bills to keep them going. He wrote down the brand and said he'd find a shop. I'm only taking the time to talk up this machine because I did the research months ago and decided on the brand and got lucky w/ a used unit and wanted to give back in the form of steering others to this brand. I've used most every other 2 stroke and new machines out there, I'm sold on these hands down. Don't waste your money on any other brand. March 25, 2013
Best Blower I've used I have tried all different brands of blower and this is by far the best. I was a little worried that it would wear me out after a while because of the power but at the end of the end of the day I'm barely tired. It is loud but that happens with such a powerful blower. It blows away its competitors at the similar price range. I absolutely love this blower and will be purchasing another one next fall. December 1, 2012
Simple to use I went to my local power equipment dealer to purchase a Husquavana backpack blower as recommended by a local landscaper. After telling the salesman what I needed to accomplish he instantly recommended the Redmax 6500. He explained this blower has a little more power than needed but I would not be disappointed with the results. I bought it under his recommendation and used it that night. Holy moly was I impressed. This blower was blowing leaves into my neighbors yard with ease. Listen guys and gals, go talk to the pros and you will be happy you did. November 12, 2012
Back pack blower I use this blower to remove leaves, grass clippings, and many other debris from landscape property. I have used Echo, Stihl and Shindiawa brand blowers and love the Redmax blowers. November 11, 2012
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