RedMax EBZ8500

For the commercial operator, RedMax is easily the industry leader in terms of the selection and performance of power blowers. The EBZ8500 backpack blower features the Strato-Charged 2-stroke engine with ultra-low emissions and high power. With a 75.6 cc displacement and 4.4 horsepower, the EBZ8500 produces a maximum air speed of 206 MPH with tube air flow approaching 908 CFM. The Max Cooled back pad uses air sucked by the fan housing to cool operators and keep them comfortable during hot days. Wide straps and contoured back pad are oversized for greater comfort. The frame mounted throttle virtually eliminates downtime due to damaged cables.

Cylinder displacement: 
75.6 cc
Power output: 
4.43 hp
Air flow in pipe: 
907.59 cfm
Air speed: 
206.25 mph
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  • Strato-Charged® Engine

    Strato-Charged® engine is a pure 2-stroke engine without using a catalytic converter.

  • Fresh Flow

    Fresh Flow 2 way air cleaner system protects engine from dust.


Engine specification

Cylinder displacement 75.6 cc
Power output 4.43 hp
Fuel tank volume 77.77 fl oz

Article data

Air flow in housing 1024.13 cfm
Air flow in pipe 907.59 cfm
Air speed 206.25 mph

Overall dimensions

Weight 24.69 lbs

Part Numbers

Part NumberDescription
RedMax EBZ8500 4.5 5 19 19
the best blower ever I have owned other blowers in the past but this a huge step up this blower is a beast anything u throw at it it can handle. I have not had a problem with it yet. THIS BLOWER IS BUILT LIKE A TANK!!!!! April 24, 2014
BEST brand of blowers ever made! This is a very powerful top-of-the-line commercial leaf blower---specs: 908CFM (tube) 1025 CFM (housing) 206 MPH 75.6cc 77db(A) 2-Cycle 50:1 gas & oil mixture 77.77 oz gas tank 24.69 lbs MASSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST BRAND OF BLOWERS EVER, EVER, EVER MADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S THE GREAT AND POWERFUL OZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Special thanks to: RedMax and the Powerful Oz 8500 that they make April 16, 2014
Disappointed I have been disappointed by RedMax this time. I've been a 16 year user of RedMax and have been happy until this last purchase of the EBZ8500. I work in Canada where it can get cold and our snow is a dry snow so backpacks make a great snow removal tool. This new blower I have bought is not liking the cold at all. The Flexible part of the blower tube gets extremely inflexible in the cold which is not acceptable and never an issue on my older RedMax blowers. On a cold morning I had my fuel line become brittle in the cold and break off at the top of the fuel tank. The blower was one week old! My older RedMax blowers have never needed a new fuel line in 8 years! I don't no if this is the doing of Husky buying them out or not but something has changed in the quality of the materials these are being built with. This is the first RedMax I have bought since the takeover and it may be the last if this is not dealt with. I also think the back rest is very uncomfortable. I also was not impressed by the power and think the RPM's are too low. Air speed should be higher. Sorry RedMax Two thumbs down on this one. I sure hope you take these issues seriously. Thanks for the chance to review. April 5, 2014
Will never buy Redmax again I am a longtime user of Redmax products. At my place of work we have a fleet of fifteen backpack blowers and six string trimmers. The products are of varying age and models. Over the past ten years, I have seen the quality of Redmax products decrease significantly. We currently have four EBZ8500 backpack blowers the were purchased locally. They are comfortable to use and have more power than any other blower, but they are also increasingly louder and thirstier than any other blower. Our EBZ8500 blowers are less than one year old and I have had to completely rebuild two engines already. Additionally, I have also waited for close to three months for parts to arrive to fix them, and have had to resort to robbing parts from my boneyard to keep the new ones running. March 3, 2014
ebz8500 blower, Just a great machine. We purchased one unit late spring 2013 and my crew fought over who would use the blower verse 2 other brands we have. Far more productive than our other blowers. Bought 2 more for fall and without the 3 would not have completed our fall cleanings due wet and snow conditions. our last few days of work consisted of snow covered properties and completed without a hitch. Only draw back is weight and fuel consumption but that is overcome by time saving. December 13, 2013
Very productive I am writing a review because I do not want this product to be taken off the market place. My company has 30+ blowers in use of just about every high-end manufacture. PROS: It is the most powerful blower I have ever used Labor reduction is dramatic. The structural design eliminates many of the damage issue associated with transport. This is the only blower my company has that can overcome strong wind issues. The carburetor is moron prof and start-up is 4 pulls or less. The crews love the fact they no longer have to kick/rake materials in tough areas. CONS: It is heavier than all the other blowers. At idle it distorts your vision…at low RPM the machine vibrates your whole body; thus giving the operator a blurred vision. Conclusion: I am a 5’5” and 140 LBS. The machine is slightly more tiring than other competitors; yet the fact remains that this machine eliminates 30-45 minutes off of all my leaf cleanups. Initially when implemented the crews complained about the weight…however after a few high wind days they will not use any other unit. October 26, 2013
best thing i just got it do spring clean so powerful and nice to use April 9, 2013
Best leaf blower. I bought this blower at my local dealer. I support buying from dealers then big box stores. They were very helpful. They filled it with gas and made sure it started and ran. I enjoy being the lawn geek in my neighborhood. It starts very easily and dons't take long to warm up. The engine is strato charged this doesn't nearly require as much maintenance as STIHL 4 mix blowers. This is a very loud blower, but it's the most powerful. It goes through a lot of gas. Hearing protection is required. I enjoy having this product. In my opinion Redmax makes the best products. They are very durable and reliable. December 3, 2012
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