RedMax HBZ2610

The HB2610 handheld blower features the Strato-Charged 2-stroke engine with ultra-low emissions and high power. With a 25.4 cc displacement, the HBZ2610 produces a maximum air speed of 124 MPH with tube air flow approaching 353 CFM. A number of high-quality, impact-resistant blower housings and nozzle configurations are available as accessories. A vacuum kit is also available as an accessory.

Cylinder displacement: 
25.4 cc
Power output: 
1.2 hp
Air flow in pipe: 
353 cfm
Air speed: 
124 mph
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Engine specification

Cylinder displacement 25.4 cc
Power output 1.2 hp
Fuel tank volume 22 fl oz

Article data

Air flow in housing 378 cfm
Air flow in pipe 353 cfm
Air speed 124 mph

Overall dimensions

Weight 9.2 lbs

Part Numbers

Part NumberDescription