Chain Saws

RedMax introduced the world’s first stratified-charged chain saw in 1998. These models produce more horsepower, fewer emissions and up to 20% more fuel efficiency than other chain saws in their same class. Select models continue to feature this industry-leading, patented Strato-Charged engine technology.

Known for superior design, top performance and a variety of excellent features, all RedMax chain saws are comfortable, powerful and long-lasting. The well-designed top handle and high cutting speed result in light, compact and extremely well-balanced chain saws that make quick, accurate cuts. For added safety, all models include inertia-activated chain brakes, chain catchers, throttle interlocks, right-hand guards with easy-to-reach stop switches, grouped controls and side-access chain tensioners. Most of these high-quality units are backed by a full one-year commercial warranty.

Adjustable clutch-driven automatic chain oilers deliver oil only when the chain is moving. The automatic oil pump regulates the volume of oil to match the engine speed so the bar and chain are lubricated at all times.

A lightweight pole saw unit is also available, featuring a professional-length bar with the patented Strato-Charged engine technology. It can also be converted into a long- or short-blade hedge trimmer.

This year, RedMax introduces three chain saws (model numbers GZ3500T, G5300 and GZ7000), featuring significant advances in quality, design and engineering.


Top Handle Chain Saws

GZ3500T 35.23 cc 1.94 hp

Rear Handle Chain Saws

GZ380 38.3 cc 2 hp
GZ4000 40.1 cc 2.4 hp
GZ4500 44 cc 2.5 hp
G5300 51.7 cc 3.3 hp
GZ7000 68 cc 4.9 hp