Buying Guide Chainsaws

When you decide to buy a chainsaw you should naturally consider your own needs first. What do you want it for? How often will you use it? Do you work in the forest every day or do you just need it to cut firewood?

Things to keep in mind when buying a chainsaw:

• Safety is important. Make sure the saw has essential safety features such as kickback protection, chain brake, right hand guard and catcher stud.

• Are both handles adequately protected from vibration? Vibration will quickly cause fatigue.

• Choose a powerful enough saw right from the start. Many people buy an underpowered saw the first time.

• Is the air filter system designed to avoid clogging with sawdust?

• Is the saw easy to maintain? Is there a good user manual?

• Will the saw run on unleaded petrol? Can you use vegetable-based chain oil?

• Can the dealer service your saw? Do they have spare parts and accessories?

• Can the dealer demonstrate the saw? Do they offer useful operating instructions on video and in brochures?

• Can the dealer supply you with the necessary protective equipment?

• Do you want to work indoors and outdoors? If so, buy a good electric saw that is built by professionals.