RedMax CV48

Part number: 970658901
The RedMax CV series stand-on mower represents extreme efficiency in commercial mowing. With a compact footprint, landscapers can arrange more landscaping products on their truck or trailer. Providing zero turn capability, rapid mount-dismount, unbeatable maneuvering and ergonomic operation, operators have the best of zero turn and commercial walk behind combined. Heavy duty construction combined with industrial strength drive systems deliver long lasting operation in any commercial application.
Product specification
  • Motor/engine manufacturer: Kawasaki
  • Motor/engine model: FX 751V
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CV48 970465201

Optimized balance and traction

Positioning the operator between the wheels instead of behind the wheels places weight in a more appropriate location for enhanced traction. It reduces the operator effort in staying perfectly balanced, especially during zero turn maneuvers.

CV48 970465201

Front mounted hydraulic pumps

Mounting the hydraulic pumps in front offers an industry first perfectly balanced stand-on for improved hill holding and traction.

CV48 970465201

Durable cutting deck

The heavy-duty 7 Gauge fabricated cutting deck features double supported scalp rollers and steel belt shields

CV48 970465201

Kawasaki FX Series

The FX class engines feature steel blower shrouds, heavy -duty canister air filters and heavy-duty starters to extend durability in commercial applications.

CV54 Zero turn mower, Controls

Operator console

All controls are carefully placed to maximize functionality and increase operator efficiency

CV48 970465201

Easy disengagement of hydraulic transmission

CV Stand-on mowers features the fastest method of disengaging the hydraulic transmissions available today. One lever pull is all it takes to make both transmissions go to bypass mode.

CV54 Zero turn mower, Decklift

High leverage deck lift

With an extended cast handle and spring assist, the model has the most ergonomic deck lift in stand-on mowing. Easy to raise and easy to lower reduces strain throughout the workday.

CV54 Zero turn mower, Accessibility

Tool-less removal of operators cushion

For minor service and cleaning, the removal of operators cushion is fast and efficient, keeping up-time at a maximum.


Cast aluminium spindles

10" diameter commercial cast aluminium spindles with tapered roller bearings more effectively spread impact loads for extended durability.



Speed forward max
10 mph

Cutting Deck

Cutting width
48 in
Cutting deck type
7-gauge fabricated
Cutting methods
Collect/Mulch/Side discharge
Cutting deck material
Deck thickness
7 gauge
Blade engagement
Electric clutch
3 pcs
Anti-scalp wheels


Base machine, length
57 in
Base machine, height
48 in
Base machine, width
47 in
1140 lbs

Drive System

Transmission manufacturer
Transmission model


Motor/engine manufacturer
Engine name
FX Series
Cylinder displacement
52 cu.inch
Power/fuel type
Engine lubrication type
Full pressure with oil filter
Fuel tank volume (with reserve)
7 gal (US)
Fuel tank location
Side (Single)


Cup holder