About RedMax®

At RedMax, we are dedicated to building superior, commercial-grade outdoor power equipment for today’s landscaping professionals. As an industry leader in product engineering, we offer state-of-the-art tools that are efficient, packed with features using only commercial-grade components and built to last. Our products are backed by two-year consumer warranties and most are backed by two-year commercial warranties.

RedMax was one of the world’s first outdoor power equipment manufacturers to take steps toward improving the environment. For over 20 years, we have been committed to making all of our products as environmentally friendly as possible. In 1998, we introduced the world’s first Strato-Charged® 2-stroke engine. The patented Strato-Charged engine is an advanced design that was an incredible leap forward and made RedMax the leader in 2-stroke, clean air technology.

Our patented, high-performance Strato-Charged engines continue to lead the industry. These engines generate 15 to 20% more power when compared to typical 4-stroke or 4-stroke hybrid engines of the same engine displacement size. The result is a light weight machine that is easy to maintain, emits fewer emissions and generates up to 20% better fuel efficiency.

RedMax has a long history of notable achievements including winning several renowned industry awards and becoming ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified. RedMax was also awarded the Deming Execution Prize for Total Quality Control which is designed to reward companies for major advances in quality improvement.

Company History

August1910Tokyo Gas Kogyo Company was formed
June1913Renamed Tokyo Gas Denki Kogyo Company (manufactured 130 hp – 300 hp aircraft engines)
May1953Merged with Fuji Motors Corporation (manufactured motorcycles and trucks)
March1955Started production of modern aircraft engines and aircraft engine overhaul
June1962Entered into partnership with Komatsu, Limited
April1963Started production of agricultural and handheld 2-stroke engines
May1970Started production of snowmobile 2-stroke engines (250cc – 650cc triples)
January1973Changed company name to Zenoah
October1975Began production and sales of chain saws
October1979Merged with Komatsu Buhin Company to become Komatsu Zenoah Company
October1980Sold the 1,000,000th G3C 2-stroke engine (captured 40% domestic market share)
November1984Awarded the Deming Execution Prize for Total Quality Control
August1987Established RedMax/Zenoah America, Incorporated
August1989Reciprocator product won the Grand Prix Prize at the Louisville Exhibition
December1994Opened aircraft turbine engine overhaul facility
February1997Awarded ISO9001 certification
February1997Released the renowned EB6200, 62cc backpack blower
June1998Introduced the industry-leading 2-stroke Strato-Charged technology
August2000Expanded the Kawagoe factory
September2000Celebrated the 90th anniversary of the company’s founding
October2001Established Komatsu Zenoah Europe s.r.l.
July2002Awarded ISO14001 certification
August2003Opened an office location in Amsterdam
December2003Introduced the first EPA/C.A.R.B. 2005 emission-compliant trimmer
March2004Introduced the first EPA/C.A.R.B. 2005 emission-compliant chain saw
April2007Acquired by Husqvarna AB-Sweden Group
May2009RedMax operations in North America are relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina