Strato Charged

Strato-Charged Engine Technology

Introduced in 1998, our state-of-the-art Strato-Charged® engines are designed with advanced technology that reduces impact on the environment through efficient engine design, increased fuel economy and reduced emissions.

For ten years, this proven technology has delivered maximum performance in a light, rugged design with outstanding features that set it apart from the competition. The Strato-Charged® 2-stroke engine:

  • Achieves up to 20% more fuel efficiency than standard 2-stroke engines
  • Produces low emissions that meet regulations without the need for a heated, heavy catalytic converter
  • Requires no valve adjustments, oil changes or daily oil reservoir level checks
  • Generates 15 to 20% more horsepower than a typical 4-stroke or 4-stroke hybrid engine of the same engine displacement size

RedMax’s Strato-Charged® 2-stroke engines operate at maximum efficiency with just three moving parts. By comparison, 4-stroke or 4-stroke hybrid engines contain as many as 30 moving parts. RedMax Strato-Charged® 2-stroke engines are 20 to 25% lighter per same engine size as compared to 4-strokes or 4-stroke hybrids, resulting in much less operator fatigue. Engines with a high power to weight ratio and a high-power output per engine cc size are classified as high-performance engines, and these are the only type of engines made by RedMax.

It is easy to identify RedMax products that include our patented Strato-Charged® engine technology: Simply look for a “Z” in the model number.