RedMax 32-in Lopper

Part number: 529454801
RedMax large-capacity Lopper that’s ready to conquer challenging, hard-to-reach branches. Durable high-carbon steel blades produce precision cuts with minimal effort. Blades can be re-sharpened or replaced for extended tool life. Strong, lightweight aluminum handles allow easy maneuvering for homeowners and professionals alike. Shock-absorbing bumper and anti-slip grips provide added safety and comfort.
Product specification
  • Article net weight (Calc): 3.375 lbs
  • Packaging length (Calc): 34.488 in
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RedMax - Feature - Lightweight Aluminum

Aluminium handles

Aluminum handles make tool lightweight and easy to maneuver.

RedMax - Feature - High Carbon Steel Blade

High carbon steel blades

High carbon steel blades cut with extreme precision.

RedMax - Feature - Durable Construction

Durable construction

Built for strength and long-lasting performance.

RedMax - Feature - Non Slip Grips

Non-slip grips

Non-slip grip material ensures comfortable handling in all conditions.

RedMax - Feature - Shock Absorbing Bumper

Shock absorbing bumper

Shock absorbing bumper improves safety and comfort while working.