EBZ9000: featuring the industry’s highest blow force.

Experience the unmatched power and unexpected comfort of the all-new RedMax EBZ9000. 56 newtons of blow force are packed into a lightweight frame that withstands tough, daily use. And, with up to 25% longer run-time than the competition**, prepare to dominate the landscape like never before.

EBZ9000 Backpack Blower

Industry’s highest blow force*

Dominate any cleanup job with the incredible blow force and air volume of the EBZ9000. The powerful X-TORQ® 79.4 cc engine delivers 5.5 hp of industry-leading power for maximum clearing performance.

  • Blow force: 56 N
  • Air volume: 1245 CFM

*Measuring Newtons of blow force, based on published specs of global manufacturers of backpack blowers as of 4/2024

EBZ9000 Backpack Blower

Built for all-day comfort

At only 26.5 lbs, the EBZ9000 blower delivers more power with less weight.* With the ergonomic, padded harness and waist belt, the weight is distributed evenly across your back. Integrated LowVib® technology significantly reduces the vibrations felt during operation, and the back pad is ventilated to encourage airflow and dissipate heat.

*Based on published specs of HP/product dry weight of global manufacturers of backpack blowers, 70cc and above, as of 4/2024. EBZ9000 weighs 26.0 lbs and EBZ9000RH weighs 26.5 lbs.

EBZ9000 Backpack Blower

Up to 25% longer run-time*

Outlast the competition with the unbeatable performance of the EBZ9000 blowers – up to 25% longer run-time.* Also featuring a “Start” button, instead of a manual choke, these new blowers are easier than ever to start. And when you’re up and running, AutoTune™ maximizes productivity by automatically adjusting the fuel/air mixture to accommodate for changes in weather, altitude, and fuel/air quality.

*Based on internal run-time testing vs leading competition in its class, per full tank of fuel.

Additional features

**Based on internal run-time testing vs leading competition in its class, per full tank of fuel.