RedMax HEZ3060S

Part number: 966599401
A high quality, high durability straight shaft edger. The HEZ3060S comes standard with a steel drive shaft and a damper reducing vibrations by up to 20%. At 29.5cc and 1.4 horsepower, this machine has what it takes to edge in the toughest environments including hard compacted soil. For optimum performance, the open guard design ensures no build up of mud and debris around the blade.
Product specification
  • Cylinder displacement: 29.5 cm³
  • Weight (excl. cutting equipment): 15.5 lbs
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Strato-Charged® Engine

Strato-Charged® engine is a pure 2-stroke engine without using a catalytic converter.



Weight (excl. cutting equipment)
15.5 lbs
Tube length
59.06 in
Tube diameter
0.94 in


Cylinder displacement
29.5 cm³
Power output
1.4 hp
Maximum power speed
8500 rpm
Fuel tank volume
24.3 fl oz
Fuel consumption
508 g/kWh
Idling speed
3000 rpm
Spark plug